I need somewhere to live

Somewhere to live in London - not too expensive. I’m self employed which might be an issue and I come with a cat called Peggy-Lee.

Long story short, recently split with my fiancé and I’m Welsh.


Aww mits I’m really sorry to hear that, hope you’re ok. Will keep my eyes and ears out for anything.


Can’t help obvs but I hope you’re ok and get sorted love :heart:


Thanks you lovely lot

Shit mate, really sorry to hear about this x

I’m afraid I can’t really help with the place to stay stuff either but will keep my eyes peeled.

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Thank you! X

I’m looking to move back towards Brixton area, but prices are so expensive in London! Also because I’m self employed it is a bit of an issue and I have a car.

Something will work

out, always does. And who could resist Peggy-Lee.


A cat not a car