i need to be honest with you

earlier today I had a cheesy garlic bread italian BMT from Subway

it’s your standard italian BMT with your cheese and the meat, but also with a thick layer of garlic butter AND extra cheese on top. It was filth, I can’t stop thinking about it

1250 calories lmao

Do you need to get anything off your chest?


Just shotgunned another packet of Peanut Butter Flipz


I agree


i’m smelling my fingers right now and it still smells of it and i love it

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saw this earlier and didn’t know what to do about it so i’m posting it here


saw this earlier… in your kitchen?

good lord no, on the internet of course

Need to gift the subway garlic bread a go. Not had my meat meal for September yet…

Can you have it without cheese?

havent had a SVMS in ages, might go find one tomorrow

Probably but I wouldn’t recommend it

Does it come in vegan and lactose free please?

There are three tubes of Pringles in the house.
And Miss Y only knows about two of them.