I need to buy a drill

but i have no idea what i’m doing. please don’t make actual recommendatins though, just post hilarious pictures below. couple of suggestions: a kids toy drill, a massive oil drill or something, maybe a post about ‘drilling’ my mum.


Here is a 'drill:

By using an apostrophe, I’ve missed the first three letters of mandrill for comic effect.



thank you, good one that

What you drilling? Cos big fuck off plug in ones are best. Unless you don’t need a big fuck off plug in one.




What do you need it for?

got this for christmas when i was about 6, pride and fucking joy, still use it to this day, done make em like they use to:


for now i just wanna put up some hooks/shelves, but you know… general use

what do you want to drill?

it’s worth spending a little bit to get something that’s going to last and has enough power for what you need.

a good all round cordless drill driver is:

Reckon you should get one that also doubles up as an electric screwdriver mate, two birds, one stone.


can’t tell if you’re taking the piss but might buy this regardless

No you don’t.

I’m not.

make sure you get one with hammer mode as well as normal drill mode. Hammer mode allows you to drill harder stuff like brick and masonry.

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Can’t touch this!

was gonna get a set of glass hammers anyway so no worries

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That’s the drill I’ve got, and it’s fine for timber, plasterboard and small holes in masonry.

If you’re drilling bolt holes in masonry or concrete, or are drilling through metal, I’d recommend an SDS drill instead.

Just get a REAL drill. None of this electric bullshit.

It’s like wet shave versus electric.

one of these should do the trick heh heh

yeah i’ve got an SDS drill too which is great for bigger jobs (channelling for cables, removing old pointing, bolt holes and stuff) but it’s just overpowered for hanging a mirror or something!