I need to cut out a piece of art I did in a square shape

I have not protractor or guillotine and wud like it square, I am at work so have all the equipment there, how can I do this?

Ask an adult to do it for you.

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pizza scissors

Cut out a square in cardboard then place the cardboard on the art and cut around that.

If you can’t cut the square out of cardboard cut a square out of cardboard then place the cardboard on the cardboard and cut the square out then place the square on the art and cut that out

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have u got a squarial?

a podcast about a squirrel convicted of murder on the flimsiest of evidence?

what’s the art of btw?

Is it a triangle? That would be good ‘statement’ art.

The child of a squid and the little mermaid?

How quickly we forget* :frowning:


*26 years apparently. FUCK!

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The picture is one I did of David Bowie for my gf’s Dad who is a big fan

I thought some one wud come up with a useful idea how wrong I was

I would use an A4 piece of printer paper but its a bit bigger than that and not quite AS size

Hi, you must be new here.

u forget @marckee he will save the day!

of squares?

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Salt & vinegar especially

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they’re so powerful they turn my sons lips white.

first time it happened we were like: ‘oh! ha ha! look at that!’

Then momentary panic he might die. then fine again.

Ah, parenting.


Yeah we are going to have to see this.

What is the artwork made of (is it canvas? Stretched?)
What size do you need it to be?