I need to know how you all feel about something

applying butter to bread with a bread knife or spoon.

What’s a bread spoon?


Bread knife as in the knife used to cut the bread? That’s insane.

My gf uses a spoon sometimes and whilst I think its a bit odd it’s quite effective.

Do this all the time. I’m ok with it.

EDIT : Bread knife - not spoon. I have some standards

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If I had no normal knives then I guess kneads must…


Both are unacceptable.


I think if you’ve got the correct knife available and you eschew it then I’m giving you the side-eye over this.



like this

I think CG used to use a spoon

Nobody has ever done that.

I had to use a spoon to apply butter to some bread the other day. It was surprisingly satisfying mushing the butter and spreading it around with the back of the spoon. I don’t think I’d go out of my way to repeat the experience though.

She doesn’t use the bread knife, but Mrs Fox has been known to butter bread with knives other than the butter knife*.

She also cuts cheese with knives that have serrated blades, rather than straight blades which irks me somewhat.

(* not actual butter knives, but a load of shit Asda Smartprice ‘eating’ knives that are only useful for butter.)

I have seen (regular) evidence of it happening in my very own kitchen. I may have tried it as an experiment.

I feel terrible about it.

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you’re best using the convex side with the spoon

With the serrated edge!?

more the tip than the serrated edge

As if we didn’t already know he was a wrongun…

did he use the convex or concave side?

Don’t ask me, I didn’t live with him.