I now think bee thousand is a great albim


Dont @ me

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Make your mind up idiot


whats an albim

I’ve enjoyed this turnaround. I need help, I cant find another GBV album that clicks as much as Bee- what other record of theirs do people recommend? I love some of Alien Lanes, but it doesnt have the same feel for me. Do i need to go backwards chronologically?

An ididot doesnt change their mind even when proven wrong. This duck is wise


True dat. Enjoy the album, it’s a good un.
I also thoroughly recommend the 33 1/3 book on the album which is a great read.


Have you tried Propeller?

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The best

Bee Thousand is their most consistent, the rest are more up and down but Alien Lanes, Propeller and Under the Bushes are the other top ones (Vampire on Titus is also pretty good but the most aggressively lo-fi)

Also a big fan of The Bears for Lunch more recently.

Thanks both. I think I’ll try Vampire on Titus first, love their messier sounding stuff

Not much to choose between Bee Thousand and Alien Lanes in my view, but the rest of their albums are very patchy I think.

Best place to start for someone investigating GBV is the excellent compilation Human Amusements at Hourly Rates which is one of the best band compilations ever.


This ^

Doesn’t contain their best song though (Hold On Hope)

Definitely think Propeller deserves a place at the table as well. Does have a couple of dud tracks but also some of the most fully formed songs they’d write for years

Propeller is really good.


Yeah, took me a while to ‘get’ it but like ve it now. Different to all other GBV albums imo.

Listening to this for the first time in ages, really pretty awesome, isn’t it?

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I think I have a different favourite track each time I listen to it. This seems to be a good indicator for quality in this case for sure.

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Can’t decide between Tractor Rape Chain, Smothered in Hugs or Queen of Cans & Jars