I once bought a bad...

box of Toffifee. They were all weird and hard and I had to throw them away.

What is the worst bad thing you have bought?

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I bought some jam-filled muffins from the corner shop and the filling tasted like organic solvents.

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I don’t think I have ever had a toffifee that isn’t weird and hard, a poor mans worthers original

Chemical or not chemical solvents?

Fucking hell, Roni, they aren’t comparable.


My wife wanted to get me a box of chocolate covered coffee beans for Christmas. when she mentioned this to a now former colleague, they said, oooh, I’ve got a box of them. they weren’t very good, do you want them? ever keen to not waste time nor money, that box ended up under our , well actually we didn’t put a christmas tree up this year for holidaying reasons, but they ended up in the equivalent place, Apparently she’s going to get me a fresh pack of better ones at some point, either way, I’m currently about half way through that box of not very good chocolate covered coffee beans. I actually can’t remember why I’m writing this now, so I’m going to stop.


But everything about a toffiffee is strange from the make up/shape, packaging, dubbed adverts. I don’t know how they come up with something like that AND it became popular

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You wouldn’t enjoy being COMPLETELY covered in chocolate, so why do you think a bean would?

Bet you’re really looking forward to Brexit.

who are you to tell me I wouldn’t enjoy that. I’m quite partial to sploshing, thank you very much!

Wouldn’t you die like in the Bond film either Goldfinger or the Man with the Golden Finger.

I bet your stockpiling toffiffee and german jazz mags

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not at all, but it might make you very sick, very quickly

This is quite clearly irrelevant to the story

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Please keep us updated as to whether you ever finish the box

No, you are.

sure thing. I’m confident I’ll get there, maybe early April, maybe sooner, March is a long month, after all.

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You nkow whta they say
30 days hath september
april june and november
all the rest have 31
except febtruary which has 28 and March which has loads


that’s exactly how I remember it too


I bought some bad wooden planters recently. They looked great in the photos but in reality the wood was really poor quality, poorly cut and was very emotionally upset by the experience. Probably because my own hand made planters are of such high quality