I once drunk 20 cups of tea in a day



as I was told that my great uncle used to do it every day. He was a grocer. It was not nice.

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that is a lot of tea


Why has this tat been promoted from the void?

In answer to your query, probably done about 10 in a day.


fucking hell, man. reckon 6 is the most I’ve ever done. probably on holiday. no grocer anecdotes, unfortunately


I drank quite a lot once in quick succession and accidentally left the tea bag in the last one, felt sick afterwards.


Can we all stop lying about different amounts of food we’ve consumed please?


come on, bud. just because you live on dry bread and mdma

had something else to add, but can’t be assed

in a bit, dude


I’ll have you know I use a variety of spreads thanking you


regularly drink 10 cups of tea a day, it is ridiculous


I probably have at least 15 a day. I have no desire to drink any other form of non alcoholic drink.


I used to be ‘that guy’

was an office drone and spent probably 10% of my day either walking to to tea room, asking who wanted drinks or making the fucking things. anything to avoid spreadsheets and shit

1 a day for me now.

great story


Postman Pat on the Spectrum had a tea meter that you had to replenish:


4 mugs a day is my limit. I’ll switch to decaf for any teas beyond that.


I wfh a lot so it’s just so easy to do 30-40 mins work then brew up. I used to drink loads of coffee when i worked in an office, but have since cut that down as it’s too expensive a habit at home. Think i’ve become a coffee wanker.


one of us
one of us
one of us


I used to work with a guy who only drank tea - as in, it was literally the only thing he ever drank.


I had a huge coffee earlier and it made me really paranoid and ill


just had a coffee. don’t usually have one after 11am, but feeling like shit and was hoping it’d give me a boost as I’m playing footie in a bit.

feel worse now. guts are in tatters


Don’t know. I like to make a pot or two. 3/4 cups in a pot and I have a builders tea in the morning. So probably average 7-9 cups a day and I’m fine. After 5 I move to redbush or herbal teas though