I only have one wearable pair of jeans



Two weeks ago I had three!

Then I went to put on my black jeans and the zip was bust. Within a weak my other pair of jeans split in the crotch and the knee.

I’m on the edge here. The edge.

Hanging washing out in winter

Buy more jeans, Theo.

You’re welcome.


can’t remember the last time I wore jeans


Can’t lie, I just shed a tear reading this.

What can we do to help? Fundraiser? Personal shopping advice? Send Theo small scraps of denim?


off to a disco?


NIce one, catrace


Fixed this for you :yum:


me too, homeboy. wear them for six years straight until they disintegrate, walk to jean shop in pants and buy another pair.

repeat until I die


That’s not the way your jeans work


I have 2 pairs of jeans. Both Levis. Both black.


Honestly I am ‘on it’ but with the Chickenpox stuff I had to stay at home a lot and most jeans don’t fit me.

I had this plan to just order some new GAP ones but it turns out the fit I own no longer exists. Finding many options in the Angel store proved tricky. I need to pop to the Gracechurch one during lunch at work but with the time off the time when I was in work I was having to catch up. I’m at home again today.

Tomorrow I have to work from home again so Wednesday at the earliest I can go in and check some fits to see what style I need to order online (because fuck off can you get 32x34 in the colour and style I want).


A pair of Jeans?

Are you trying to make @bugduv jealous?


Can’t all be a full kit wanker our whole lives :wink:


i do this with trainers. bought some new ones this afternoon after leaving it far longer than I should have and felt slightly embarrassed at the state of them sitting there in the shoe shop.


This shit too but at least I know my size well enough with standard brands I can just buy online.


Sorry. I’ve never heard of jeans


i thought i did too but ended up buying a size down from my normal so just as well i tried them on thanks for reading


if it helps, i’d go out shopping with him and tell him which ones i liked


you would need to do a poll on here obviously


fuck gap, uniqlo, h&m and other assorted shit jeans dude.

get something solid like levi’s or all saints. if you work out the daily cost, it’ll be something like 0.025 per day

cheap jeans = a poor economic choice