I only just discovered this great song.

Woah. Only know the “famous ones” and I just heard this song today. It weirdly sounds like it could be familiar but I don’t really think so. Anyway it’s this

And now I need to go listen to all her other music.

I mean what even is Kate Bush?

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She’s the best! I love this song, what an outrageously catchy chorus, I can get in a loop of listening to it over and over. I don’t why I’m crying either Kate.

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Ok, I haven’t listened to them all but I’m not finding other songs that sound like this. Disappointing.

I reckon this Joanna Newsom one does sort of?


Yeah, I was thinking it was very similar to her vibe, who I’ve also never really looked into past the popular stuff. Reckon I’ll have to dig into her more too.

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You’d have to ask someone who’s into her stuff. I can’t get into Newsom. But YouTube is the only place you’ll be able to find her music to preview AFIAK.

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I think you can stream her music via Apple Music, just not in Spotify (not sure about Tidal?).

I used a free trial of Apple Music purely to listen to her albums again (I think I have them burned to an old laptop somewhere but we gave away all out CDs years ago so apart from that stream I almost never listen to her though she is one of my favourite artists). That was a year or two ago so not sure if she’s still on there.