I prescribe a dose of




Birds are extremely boring, though.


Well, except for the custard.


You see 'em about don’t you? Doesn’t take much effort.




yeah, but if you go full on birdwatcher, then you get to see birds of prey and rare ones.

it’s like saying cars are boring, but if you’re into cars you go and look at sports cars and stuff.


cars are boring


To you and me, yes. But given that there’s always multiple car mags in WH Smiths, they must be interesting to some people :man_shrugging:


Boring people. Like Clarkson.


Possible theory: all car programme presenters are shit people.


It’s such a calming thing to do, love it, even though i can identify about 5. I can imagine that it is therapeutic, especially in scenic places
Also depression is a chronic ilness and going out and about in nature really helps me, other than a good night’s sleep its the best thing i csn do to help myself



struggling with this one -

holistic preventive approach to health. good.

probably only happening because of them de-funding the NHS. bad.

fucking Tories, making me confused


Theory abandoned! Thanks balonz, I could’ve made a right saps of myself there.


It’s one of the great video releases.


NHS in Scotland is separate from the rest of the UK. It’s indirectly affected by levels of public spending in the rest of the UK though.


And my brother


If you had to choose, what would you prefer to be watching?

  • birds
  • cars

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Cars the film?


Bravo. Very much enjoyed that.