I quit 2 days ago and now i feel like a zombie


Did this happen to anyone else?

This is now the (new) quitting smoking thread.


Yes! I can take them or leave them now but the first time I properly quit I went cold turkey after 10 years of smoking. First 72 hours is the worst, I’m not ashamed to admit that I cried at the end of the third day :laughing:





Just feel like im sat in work in a wierd dream like state.

Not too interested in anything

There is a good chance my smoking was masking my anxiety though so time will tell.

Did it just last 72 hours for you?


Had an awful time with panic attacks and stress for about 3-4 months I think.

This was 5 years ago now though so it can be done!


I didn’t talk to any of my colleagues for those 3 days, just sat at my desk and it felt like my skin was crawling.

Yeah it got a hell of a lot easier day 4 onwards.

Good luck man!


My only consolation right now is that cups of tea seem to taste extraordinarily nice

I had one, then immediately another.


It’s that weird thing of tricking your brain into thinking it doesn’t need nicotine so anything that you can do with your hands (matron) is going to be useful, for you it seems to be gripping a mug!

It’s hard work though man, I remember just constantly thinking about cigarettes and nothing else for those 72 hours. Was genuinely terrified by how much of a needy cunt nicotine is though, thought I’d be fine but the moment I was about 2 minutes up the road from where I’d normally spark up my body started going apeshit.


started smoking again in last 6ish months after not smoking for fucking years (6-7 years). Quite a lot of stress atm, so I’ll put it down to that. Not had any yesterday or today…but probably gonna buy some later idkohffswhathaveIdone


My grandad smoked for 60 years then one day just stopped. Didn’t bother him and he never referenced it

He’s dead now though, so maybe it does have severe side effects.


YOU CAN DO THIS, stickboy!!!


A mate of mine had a massive heart attack and was in a coma for a week. When he came round, all the nicotine had dissipated from his system so he was able to quit with no bother at all (apart from the nearly dying bit).


Just imagine you’re pregnant


Smoking is really very disgusting, be glad to get rid! Concentrate your efforts on shaming other smokers.


Also quit on Monday. Struggling big time at work- the prangs seem to be never-ending- but I managed to go to the pub yesterday without smoking which was my downfall last time I tried to quit.

Seem to have replaced smoking with excessive snacking so far… went through a whole pack of Sainos mini doughnuts in about 30 seconds earlier.

Good luck!


Same! Most of the people sat round my table are smokers…coming for one? or you’re not smoking are you…you sure?


Eating lots too - may as well be fat as well as unhappy.


If this becomes a genuine concern just get yourself a load of popcorn in and munch on that guilt-free.


Yeah I quit on a Thursday night. That first weekend was incredibly difficult. Everyone experiences it differently but for me… I guess because I have issues with my temper it really exacerbated that. I remember I was driving home on the Sunday and I missed a turning at a roundabout. No big deal. Except I pulled over and punched the side of the door about as hard as I could about 15 times. Not sure how I didn’t break my hand. I properly lost it.

But it gets better. 4 years since I quit smoking now and… I’ll have a fag every now and again and upon finishing I think “why bother”? Just doesn’t do anything for me. I am a full on with the vapes though - basically replaced smoking with that.

The thing you need to remember is that nicotine, and the supposed addictiveness of it in and of itself, is a bit of a red herring. If it weren’t, NRTs would work with significantly greater success. What the issue is is that smoking cigarettes is a completely unique sensation. Nothing replicates the feeling of hot, nicotine-filled smoke hitting the back of your throat and giving you whatever buzz it gives you. Nothing replicates that. Vaping comes close but it still doesn’t cut it. The key to giving up smoking is reconciling yourself to that. It’s the whole package. You’re basically saying to yourself “I’m never going to experience this sensation again, and I’m totally cool with it”. Crack that and you’re most of the way there.

Good luck man!


Swapping one kind of lung damaging habit for another?