I quite miss life

The last person I went out to a gig with was @Lo-Pan. Maybe I’ll get to go to a gig with him again when this all ends.


Thought that was a reference to @Lo-Pan

I thought it was Kallgeese and from then we started discussing what was and wasn’t a ‘shower can band’ like Slayer etc.

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Myself and my good lady keep talking about first things we’ll do etc. Getting back over to Ireland is absolute tops of the list.
Before you know it ma man we’ll be sharing a beamish


I miss just being able to mooch about taking it easy.
Haven’t seen my parents in a bout a year so hopefully get to see them in a few months.
Pretty much accepted I’ll not be going to gigs etc anytime soon but I’m not a very social person anyway so I’m probably not missing out on going out as much as others.
Think the weather is making it worse, at least when the weather is decent I could get out for a big walk round the forest or whatever.

I feel sad quite often at the feeling that I wasted my youth, and this being the last two years of my twenties sometimes gets to me

Stupid thing to worry about probably

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just as vinny van intended

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made it more realistic



Look like the rubberbandits


Think Friday and Saturday nights are the worst to be feeling like this.

I didn’t have much of a life pre-Covid. Best mates and a lot of family members now live a long way away and are quite busy in life, so I don’t see them much anyway. Don’t have a huge amount of friends where I live either.

That being said what I wouldn’t give right now to go for an afterwork pint with my workmates on a Friday. Also feel nostalgic for the few afternoon trips to the cinema I managed last Summer

It’s the spontaneous social events that are most missed. Unplanned fun doesn’t exist right now.