I read earlier that there are roughly 9.6m cows in the UK...

You think you’d bump into one more often, eh?

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If someone would’ve asked me how many cows I thought were in the UK I’d have guessed…20,000.

that’s a fact
it’s a thing we can’t deny


i’ve got… 9.64million friends

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i touched a cow on monday. also touched a shire horse. you can just walk into a lot of those fields

It came about because a Belgian person asked me what I thought of Belgium and I said it was lovely, but the beer’s needlessly strong and there are far too many cows. He disagreed. Turns out there’s a modest amount of cows in Belgium. Maybe we were just staying near a big farm.

when my grandparents moved to england in the early 60s, and as farmers, they were amazed that the cows stayed in their segmented fields because they hadn’t come across electric fences before and fields were generally communally shared with a few people from the village tending them on shifts every day back in Spain.

they also still talk about how everyone in england at the time did their job wearing a suit. they started out in hotels as worker/lodgers, and the gardener wearing a tie was surprising/funny.

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Alright, Katie Melua.

‘even the cows are polite in england’ :smiley:

Is that just cows or is number a load of bullocks too?

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Would’ve guessed between there and 9m

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