I really like Al Jazeera


Probably makes me a late arrival try hard or whatever, but it’s a refreshing tonic. The range of topics and depth it covers them in is great. It’s bias as all fuck but it’s for the right reasons. Plus Mehdi Hassan :heart:

  • I am a freewheeling cool cat who enjoys the sophisticated and informative Al Jazeera network
  • I am a stern faced conservative who likes Douglas Murray and wets the bed so I do not like Al Jazeera
  • I have no strong feelings either way but I love Al Jazeera

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never met the guy


During the iraq war and that we always had already jazeera in arabic on at home and there was this reporter who’d always say his name in the weirdest way it was great


It makes the Brit-centric news look shallow and shit. So much stuff they report on that you never hear anywhere else (not that I have my finger particularly on the global news pulse) Channel 4 still good though.


Other than the Moonlighting theme tune I couldn’t name another one of his songs.


You Can Call Me Jazeera


I like Al Jazeera but it always feels so sober and grown up so I usually skulk back to the Guardian for some batshit commentary and godawful below-the-line commenters.


[quote=“jazzballet, post:3, topic:5948, full:true”]
already jazeera [/quote]

I love you, Autocorrect.


I think this is in part because there are now so few global news agencies generating news stories and they’re all being fed through the same channels. :frowning:


We get the news we deserve etc etc


Ah yes, this sort of thing. Depressing as fuck.


Probably the 4th best beach boy


Also so few so actual foreign correspondents. Like a few people are good, Patrick Kingsley at the Guardian for example.

Did anyone see the story about the BBC journalist who was sacked for not making the royal baby the main story for a day?


Nope. Don’t recall that one at all.



Wow, that’s completely nuts.

So this is also about Sri-Lankan internal race relations? Reading that I can’t work out if this was all handled by a team in Sri-Lanka or they’re saying the London office took the word of a biased Sri-Lankan team when handing down the punishment.


Yeah I guess they would need a pretty good reason to sack such an experienced journalist and maybe there was a lack of oversight.


Rejected Carly Rae Jepsen lyrics


I got a new phone too recently :weary: have to reprogram my personal dictionary in (mostly swear words and names)


Yeah, first few weeks with this one were pretty funny.