I reckon 2021 will be the best year in music for ages...Discuss.

Artists not touring during 2020 and spending time at home possibly writing new material. Also I bet there are artists who have delayed releases in 2020 until 2021.




Counterpoint: music dies on it’s arse because all but the richest artists have new jobs in cyber.


If it’s anything like the work I’ve produced from home it won’t be up to much.



  • Dear Tommy finally released
  • Lol, no.

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I hear @joke has some music out in 2021 so yeah you’re probably right


I disagree

Care to elaborate?

If Donald trump gets reelected music will be even better

my album came out this year dick head

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There’ll be some good stuff and there’ll be some shite stuff.

I’ve already had my fill of artists chucking out music made in isolation! and dreading reading about it in the press cycle next year as well when actual proper albums get released that were made this spring/summer.

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Not really. Just don’t think the grinding uncertainty of lockdown will inspire good art

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Think there’s gonna be a hefty lull for a few months tbh - nobody’s really been recording /in rooms with bands for so long and most of 2020s releases have been planned / finished/ in the pipeline for months prior to the pandemic.

There are bound to be some absolute masterpieces that come out of all this but in general I think they’ll be a dip in quality. Writing/recording in isolation when there is no one to tell you that its bad can be dangerous. As soon as gigs are possible I think they’ll be a big rush to get out and earn some money so that will lead a some part baked stuff slapped together before hitting the road.