I reckon it's snack time (or treat time, if you prefer)


bout to walk to the shop, give me some “”“food”"" for thought on the way

what u 'avin?


7up free


i already had a bowl of cereal with baby formula on it


gonna head over to sainsbo’s in a bit and get some of them belgian chocolate with salted caramel cookies


I’ve just had lunch


finishing off that packet of biscuits from yesterday




ooft, salted caramel is so good. maybe i’ll get a brownie.


still really full from lunch. had those addictive spicy Korean ramen with aubergine, spring onion, carrot, some fake meat, coconut milk, bit of lemon… then a bit of dark chocolate and homemade ice tea.

would it be really really weird to have it again for dinner? :chopsticks:


Can of Kronenbourg


ramen is so good


On my way back home with a flat white and a Fanta zero


not real ramen lol, I meant instant noodles


I very weirdly would love a cigarette right now


I’m having popcorn


just had two ginger nuts and a cuppa


got a bit of pear and ginger loaf


nice one


I thought so yeah


I had a tunnocks tea cake.