I reckon it's snack time (or treat time, if you prefer)

It was nice until you shoved your brownie in my face. WANT.

Take it to the Thursday thread of filth pal


Earlier I had a Snack and fizzy Vimto.

Might have the same again, I’m really flagging.

Oof, looked like they were out of the salted caramel cookies but then a guy came with a fresh, warm batch of them. Saved!


saved by the 'mel


You are sneered at and never considered for promotion unless you spend AT LEAST 10 quid a day on food.

I reckon.

course you are


I’m about to leave the office and pick up a (possibly halloumi) burger on my way home

Edit: But I guess that’s not really a “snack” per se

How’s the hangover, pal?

Hallou? Is it Mi you’re looking for?



Not as bad as you’d think, mate. Bit lightheaded and tired, is all. (And HUNGRY)


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absolutely fine with me

Every Friday during June-August, we get a free Magnum, Feast, Callipo or Cornetto at work. Choosing to go and get one of them is my treat for the day.

What ya gonna go for?

Magnum. But there was a minor irk in that the bits of chocolate coating kept falling off onto my desk.

but there’s cornetto there you weirdo??!

  • Magnum
  • Feast
  • Cornetto
  • Calippo

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wasting your time mate.