I reckon that it really comes down to it...

…bacon, fried egg and brown sauce on white farmhouse bread is the best sandwich of them all.


It’s good, but it’s not right

Obviously I’m also a big fan of other sandwiches but nothing beats it.

Brown sauce is one of those things that I disliked as a kid and have never really learned to like since - just because there’s never been an occasion where I’ve had to have it. Much like custard. So, having never had a sandwich as described in the OP, I can neither agree nor disagree.

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In theory though I can tell you agree with me, and that’s enough.

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It’s fine but I don’t think there is a situation where I wouldn’t always prefer a different sauce.

Get the egg out

No cause then it would be a different sandwich

brb, going to get a bacon, fried egg and brown sauce on white farmhouse bread sandwich

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crisp sarnie is better imo. less effort too

Brown sauce is actually the worst condiment though.As a man of exquisite taste and sophistication its popularity is baffling to me.

you once suggested i was bourgeois for knowing what eggs benedict was, Sarfers.

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I reckon its the best breakfast sandwich combo.

You can eat it at other times of day too and it’s still the best!


Not on meatbook.

Ooh no, i couldnt do that!


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Breakfast for dinner is one of life’s purest pleasures. I reckon a bacon & egg sandwich with chips would be a real treat too.

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I think you’re misremembering something from a thread you made about napkins or being served from the left or something. No shame in it, I’m just a classy man of the people.

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