I saw a man cover Drive by Incubus in the pub

a couple of weeks ago

and you know what? I thought, hey this guy is pretty good and so is this song


Incubus are a good band imo


Amazed this isn’t a Jordan thread though


just needed to get my banal thoughts out in the open

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Yeah I used to like incubus and can imagine hearing one of their songs and going ‘yeah this is quite a song actually’

I have a lengthy reply ready for a HGATR one day

Will it mention their pointless dj (second time I have been able to bring him up today)

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Undoubtedly. Was doing a nostalgia listen a couple of weeks back and some of the little scratch break moments were hilarious.

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fucking awful band. worse than queen. creed with a handsome (bellend) frontman. (no offence to creed guy i dunno what he looks like)

fair, maximum offence to creed guy then.

i am listening to one of their albums and it is a toe tapper

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bloody love incubus


One of my old friends was the scratch DJ for the band Texas for a while…

Did they go on to run a successful paper merchants in Slough?

I liked “are you in?”


No, a small bed and breakfast in Royston Vasey…

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Choon. Some decent stuff on make yourself and morning view