I saw someone draw a gun on someone today

Just thought I’d share that.

I live in Bristol and thought one day I might see it happen there, but that’s not where I am. I’m on holiday on Toulouse, and today we took a train trip to Albi, where the Toulouse-Lautrec museum is. So we saw that, then went back up to get a drink before going to the station. Then we saw what looked like a fight, with one kid on the floor, and the usual assortment of people trying to break it up. Then one of them produced a gun and pointed it. Then the group was broken up, then someone swung another punch. Then we moved on.

Just kids being twatty kids. But with a gun. So that was weird.

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same, but he was a tattoo artist.

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btw that would probably shit me up a bit so hope yr doing alright


witnessed someone getting shot in 2012. didn’t give a statement or anything because there were loads of other witnesses (was right on Cally Road). still think about that sometimes. the victim survived, and I was surprised about that, really.

being in such close proximity to a shooter was maybe the most terrifying thing, selfishly.

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It was all a bit odd, but there was quite some distance between us and the fracas in question, fortunately. We still had a great holiday!

I got mugged at gunpoint once, it was the most surreal thing having a gun pressed into the back of your head


Eek! I’ve been held at knifepoint twice, but guns are another level…

bloody ell. never been in either scenario and reckon i would fully shit my pants


Yeah that was the way I read the title too which shows how unlikely real guns seem to my brain in everyday life, I suppose

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Where were you? Did you report it to the police, etc? Holy shit.

i read it the right way, i’m just Very Very Funny.


Just down the road from my house which makes it weird!

It was all over so soon I was very calm at the time but it was disturbing afterwards for a while.

I don’t think it dawned on me that I could have been killed until they told me to keep walking away with my hands up and not turn around. That was scary!

I did go to the police, no idea if they caught them but they took my coat for DNA or something and never gave me it back.

In hindsight there was something quite bumbly and awkward about the guys, they seemed quite nervous about robbing me.

I guess that’s the most exciting thing to ever happen to me in a weird way

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sounds like they were in on it!


Had a knife pulled on me three times (once held against my throat) and maybe it was just my way of reacting, but in the moment I was perfectly calm and rational, it was only hours later that I was in any way emotional about it.

I was about 15 when I had a knife held to my throat, and didn’t even do anything about it. I went back to school (it happened when I was out to get lunch I think) and got pulled out of a class that afternoon and taken to my older brother in the year above - he was properly emotional which shook me, because he was always the more macho one. We got sent home from school early though, so that was a result. The guy who did it is dead now (as is one of the other guys to pull a knife one me).

same. only just realised this thread probably wasn’t about someone passing out at a party.


Horrible stories, although I like the vague sense of menace in your last sentence.