I see the Daily Mail is taking on the real bad guys now


Any chance Google just delists their domain? That would be sooooo good.


Surprised they’re not blaming the well (ish) maintained roads in the capital


  1. get car
  2. ???
  3. drive it into a large group of people


Yeah that was pretty much my reaction.


It’s bizarre, what do they have to gain by attacking google. And who needs to google how to use a car to kill someone? It’s not like no ones been run over before. Such an awful paper.


A proper manual will have a couple of introductory chapters on the history of using cars for mass murder as well, but apart from that I think you’ve nailed it.


Hell of a wider narrative around google starting to form - major corps pulling ads from YouTube because they worry they’ll be served accidentally with extremist content


Like Daily Mail articles. Ho ho!


They’ve been going after wikipedia too, after its editors deemed the paper an unreliable source.

They’re just scared that they may cease to be the gatekeepers to public opinion in the UK.


BING: that person who terrorists don’t really like but hangs around with anyway


thanks google!


Could I be anymore of a security threat?

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I think I read this morning that the Mail are pissed off with Google and Facebook because a lot of the Mail’s previous advertising revenue now goes to them.


Most Mail readers are probably trying to text their grandkids to ask what a google is.


Cos they’re old


I think the average Mail reader is a 58-year-old comfortably well off woman. I guess they’d know what Google is, but they sure as hell don’t trust it.


Cos they’re old people


Yesterday it took the Mail two minutes on web to find a terror manual

This is easily the most annoying part about it.


Mate, there are literally hundreds of stages between 1 & 3. You need health & safety risk assessments, proof of public liability insurance and environmental impact assessments to name just a few. ISIS’s board won’t sanction anything without. The Terrorist Manual is very clear on this.

The Mail are right to highlight and we’re lucky to have them looking out for us.


It’s just as Kasabian foretold.