I seem to be feeling the cold more than in previous years


really annoying


inevitable by-product of getting older, man.

could be poor circulation issues, too. humans were not built to sit on their asses all day, hunched over a lappy, punching out pointless emails


think it could be both those things tbh


the latter is defo worth considering. when I have a day of doing nothing other than laying on the sofa looking at the walls, I find it impossible to warm my hands and feet, regardless of how high I set the radiators


Just put the heating on chief




Just particularly cold this year chief. Wouldn’t be surprised if we get snow and a salt CRISIS this time around.


You should see the concoction of vitamin tablets I take to combat this.

I could supply a list?


What’s the GRIT BINS situ like in your endz?


Just thought actually, the open plan office won’t help. It won’t help at all


Moderate. Jean tells me the depots are well-prepped, but the last round of random executions and free poppies hasn’t quelled the miners’ unrest. #powderkeg


What you need are long johns mate. Keep you warm as fuck.

This could be you:


Be afraid…


Aye, me too mate. Had to get an upgraded jacket last night, fuming frankly.


I need to buy a new coat as my coat from last year now isn’t keeping me warm.

Problem is I hate all the coats I’ve seen.


I also have noticed I’m struggling in the cold this year.

Remember my brother saying about 5 years ago that over winter he stopped going to the pub and chucking that money at heating bills instead. I have made the same decision without thinking this year. Wise man, my brother.