I shall be giving my verdict on this tomorrow

It’s too late to have it now because it will spoil my dinner. I punctured a hole in the lid accidentally when I was retrieving it from the top shelf in Asda (the bit where they leave stuff to be stocked later), was a bit of a struggle. I’ll let you know what it’s like tomorrow.


What time tomorrow? Just so I can make sure I’m around.


I’d keep an eye out between the hours of 12 and 2pm.


Bit done at the thought of a worker going diwn an aisle to find you climbing the shelves and grabbing at stock you aren’t meant to have

Kebabs seem to be a big thing now dont they. That German Doner kebab chain is always busy at lunch times. Dont get it

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Doner Kebab flavour Pot Noodle though innit

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Yeah ‘German Doner Kebab’ in general seems to have become a thing recently

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Lot’s of doner kebab chat, if what is clearly a pot noodle thread, imo

Just realised I also bought “sweet potato and chilli” soup.

  • Have the soup tomorrow and give your verdict on the Pot Noodle on Monday
  • Please don’t let down your paying audience

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Do you remember the Christmas Dinner pot noodles

There’s 2 on the same road in Manchester

Are they literally just called German Doner Kebab?

Yeah, I nearly had a look in one today to see whether they are actual kebabs you’d get at a takeaway at 3am but I didnt

Menu looks alright actually

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No, and with good reason.

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Boner kebab


When you get a doner in Germany its literally just Turkish guys running the shop, same as in the UK so I’d like to know what’s German about it. If they sell Schwip Schwap then the name is justified. Otherwise it isn’t.

It’s real whitewash bullshit. Pretty sure some preppy dudes heard about Turkish immegrants inventing doner kebabs in Germany and rather than considering any history, just went, well we can sell Germany, that’s good enough.

Had thia last week. Noodles were a bit shit but the broth created was pretty nice.