I suppose it is Friday

Much going on?
Plans for weekend?

It’s raining 'ere. Working at the annoying place today ffs. Not had first breakfast yet, gonna get myself a nice coffee and a croissant.

Supposed to have a bbq tomorrow but weather looks grim af. Doh.

Bad mood for me

It’s pissing it down, no idea if I have plans tonight as the person I’m seeing is being flakey

Also just realised I left my favourite pair of jeans and 2x nice shirts in the wardrobe on holiday last week. Just called the place and they said they would “ask housekeeping” and get back to me

  • Yeah you will definitely get your stuff back Tim
  • Someone in Wales is wearing your nice shirt right now

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Haiiiii e4 and foxy :wink: AND TIM!!

YAAAAAAAY FRIDAY!!! This weekend I plan to do the following -

Knit a woolly hat :grimacing:
Make a plum frangipane tart
Make my own pizzas or roast a chicken
Go to a car boot sale
Watch a horror film
buy a nice coffee

That’s all the fun stuff anyway, no need to mention the housework etc that desperately needs done. Does anyone else live in an ongoing state of total chaos?? I sometimes feel like we’re the messiest people on earth even though I am constantly cleaning :scream:


Morning all.

I’m going to a funeral today! Never been to one before - excited is probably an inappropriate word, intrigued maybe? It’s gonna be all god botherer-y though :frowning:
Day off work anyway, and there is food and drink afterwards. I’ve been instructed to wash my car beforehand though, so need to do that this morning even though it’s raining.

Not a lot planned for tomorrow. Xbox/football/beer probably.

Going to a 90th birthday party for my grandma on Sunday.

Aw sorry to hear about the funeral :confused: hope you’re okay! Xx

It’s been more than 4 weeks since it happened, so everyone has got over the initial shock and upset. I guess it might all come back and get a bit miserable again today though.

Started at 6 again today. I’m shattered really. Working all weekend. So literally nothing more to report.


Feeling unsually fresh this morn, i put it down to not having a drink since sunday. Gonna go get some ramen tonight and drink lots and get up to no good :smiley:


Morning all.

Got a half day today so I can take the gf to the Dr Who Experience before it shuts down. She’s already been loads of times but it’s of absolute vital importance she goes again. Apparently. Then I’m gonna spend the evening drinking ale and tanking my Rocket League rankings.

Saturday+Sunday - no idea. Probably putting together a desk and finding some other place to be when Strictly starts tomorrow. Maybe cinema Sunday.

Hope everyone is well and has an extra spring in their step this Friday.

solid weekending right there Witches :slight_smile:


Bit tired. Thought I’d “treat” myself to a train commute. Totally shit. THIS is why I cycle.

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Yeah we’ll see! Cleaning and then cba more like!!


Got the day off.

Just remembered that some friends at school used to sometimes call me Potpourri Smee because of the way I pronounced potpourri (i.e. correctly instead of pott-pyur-ree)

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Decided to walk to work instead of cycle cos of the rain. Fucking bus was on diversion so had to get off at Old Street and walk up city road :roll_eyes:

Not much going on this weekend. Hackney Carnival on Sunday if it’s sunny, the weather was ridic last year.


which one is you?


If only thunderbirds.gif was still a thing.

How many fucking carnivals do you want, London? I haven’t been to a carnival of any sort in the five years since I moved to Glasgow. This really isn’t fair.

I’m not playing football this weekend so I’m having all of the booze tonight and tomorrow night. Got a bit of a hankering for a Mint Julep. I have to entertain my wife’s cousin tomorrow afternoon though.

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Off for a week’s holiday in Greece on Sunday. Mainly due to the fault of people other than me, I could really do with being at work next week instead. Got a major app release 4 days after I get back and we’re in the middle of QA at the same time we need to process a big update to data. I’m basically the central point of knowledge and I feel in a world of stress about it. Had a bit of a breakdown last night over it all which is ridiculous, as it should be a nice relaxed holiday. Feel really guilty that I might ruin the holiday for the TV. Also, such non-problems in the grand scheme of things.

Oh, and this evening when I could be working I have to go to my dad’s birthday dinner. In case you’ve not read various posts on the topic here, he’s a prick.

Ugh. Happy Friday.

Some dickhead in a Nissan Qashqai decided they wanted to leave at my exit on a fast, busy roundabout. From the right hand lane. While indicating right. No idea how that didn’t result in an accident.

Tonight I am doing nothing. Tomorrow I am playing Game of Thrones in deepest darkest East Anglia. Sunday I am maybe playing Netrunner in the pub.