I suppose it is Friday

Travelling up to the Peak District to go camping with my sisters and some friends. Should be good.
Woke up at about 4.45 quite energetic for some reason, so pottered about and organised shit and then went to the gym as soon as it opened, so now it kind of feels like my day should be finished.

Might have a nap, ennit

I’ll be posting pics of my progress then!!! :smiley: not the cleaning part obvs.

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Soggy as fuck, urgh.

Going to Bristol tonight. Got some bike riding planned but the weather’s looking a bit shit. Staying with my sis who’s just had an offer accepted on a flat! So that’s nice.

Hungry. Got a yogurt in the fridge; might need to eat it now.


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Got a technical chat this afternoon with a company whom I have hopefully dazzled with my skills. Having frozen pizza and becks blue tonight, and watching guardians of the galaxy 2. Going dog walking and car shopping tomorrow. Decent.

few beers tonight, fixing my shed door tomorrow. Maybe a treat for the kids after first week back at school. Mundane weekend here we come.

In Gatwick waiting on a layover to Lima. Plans for the weekend are to start out on the Inca Trail! :grin:


“ooh we haven’t celebrated our vibrant diversity for a whole week now”

Get over yourselves London.

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probably sexybum got the mods to delete it because he hates joy

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That is true, I do hate joy.

morning all!

I’m feeling horny.

Will be going for a run shortly.

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Cycled in to work in the rain, and then it stopped raining on the walk from the bike shelter to the office door. Great work, weather.

Hockey and two Magnetic Fields’ gigs this weekend. DIY/house admin on Sunday.

Flying home from Singapore in a few hours time!
Getting a bit twitchy about it but it should be ok.

Fuck it, time for a pint


I sometimes feel like I live with the messiest person on earth.

did you fly out in august?

you might get lucky and get a whole new selection of films for the way back

Feeling pretty glum. Definitely a combo of summer ending, waiting on a load of invoices to be paid and the not great weather. Must do some work today, that’ll get me out of the house.

Plans for the weekend involve meeting the TV after work and hanging out with her. Heading to west Cork tomorrow to DJ at a party and then dying of a hangover on Sunday. That DJ set is going to be great, got loads of new records I haven’t played out in ages.

It is my birthday tomorrow.


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