I sure wish I'd seen this on ISATD

A lot of thread starting content in here m9s.


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Is this Web3?

Information Services and Advanced Technology Division?

I do not understand the reference but it came up as a targeted ad on YouTube and I cant believe for just $37 Michael can Make Him Worship me. Thanks Michael!

$37? but surely that is just WAY TOO CHEAP

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I’d have said even $297 was a steal

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What the hell is this?

Screen Shot 2021-12-18 at 12.04.11 pm

What’s your favourite module?
  • The Secret Emotional Life of Men
  • The Crisis of Masculinity
  • Unleash His Inner Caveman
  • Primal Provider Drive
  • The Master Male Emotion
  • The Man Melting Hug
  • Seduction Words & Phrases
  • The “Anger Deflator” Technique
  • The One Poisonous Question
  • Masculine Shame
  • The Hypnotic Kiss Technique
  • The “Future Fantasy” Method
  • What it Means When He “Can’t Perform”
  • What Men Really Want from Women
  • Masculine Sex Signals
  • The “Shields Down” Method
  • How to Give Him “Permission” to Cry

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Shields down lads: Michael’s home


I… umm… uhh… yeah.

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There’s so much text there

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She’s just SO excited to be one of only 8 women to brought in on Michael’s secret. There is NO WAY Michael wrote this himself.

^ Typical Masculine Sex Signals ^


Well yes, to even think that would be to let doubt and cynicism get in the way of the love and passion you want so much (that you deserve so much)…


  • “made love”
  • “had sex”
  • “hooked up”

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Might buy this.

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