I t' s m a r c h (now incorporating Wednesday Evening Thread of 1st March 2017)






Fuck sakes march, and fuck sakes early flights to London


Dydd dewi sant hapus!


Winters are over, everyone!


I’m so ready for spring, was so excited when I found the huge winter blossom tree in December (bless kew gardens) and soon they’ll be everywhere. Honestly every spring I take about 500 photos of flowers which I am now going to share since my bus is stuck in traffic

The blossom tree in December

I’ll stop now


it IS bucking cold!


bloody london and their early march flights *shakes fist*


April Fool’s!




Is it home time yet?


Today is Friday for me. And then I’m off for 11 days. Have some of that!



Why am I so tired.



Saw Handsome Family last night, what an excellent end to Winter

Happy March everyone!


haven’t heard back about that job :cry: absolutely brassic right now. march is gonna be bleak at this rate. fffffffff.


Happy smarch!

Jenny Hval was amazing last night - wonderful performance and really elevated the songs off her latest album.


love these photos so much :heart:


time marches on