I tell you what, it’s hard being a gardener in this weather

Some days I wake up and feel like throwing in the trowel.


Hoe hoe hoe!


I reckon there’s some more mileage on this one tbh…

i don’t get it!

POSH LANDOWNER: that weedkiller smells rather strong

BOSCOID THE GARDENER: nah mate the expression is killer weed


Hard, but lucrative - you could be raking in it.

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my gardener is pretty rude
but he sure knows the tools of his trade
my gardener
calls a spade a spade

I tell you what, it’s hard fielding at deep mid-off in this weather.

I’m currently considering my position.

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I’ve said this anecdote before but it’s still good, my friends dad was sick of someone keep knocking off their wing mirror, so said he was going to hide in the boot one night with a trowel, because if the police found him he could claim it wasn’t a weapon but a trowel


Keep your chin up, m8. It’s a really tough landscape.

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I think he was worried about being caught with a weapon pre doing anything, I think he just wanted to scare people rather than murder them.

He was quite paranoid about the police, we once were gonna complain about the police being dicks to us but he said they would get us in the back of their van, beat us up, and plant drugs on us


oh now i do get it