I think I hate light entertainment

Entertain me or don’t. None of this light bollocks.


No likey, no light entertainment! (Paddy McGuiness)


Morecambe and Wise bollocks does absolutely nothing for me

My favourite crime fighting duo

is it light as in, the opposite of dark, or the opposite of heavy?

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Interesting question actually. I always thought in terms of weight tbh

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Totally agree. See also “comedy drama”. Commit. Pick a team. Are you funny or not?

what’s the heaviest bit of entertainment you’ve seen?

I guess Threads?


I sometimes have a thought like when I’m watching a film or something and there’s a company at the start whose name is like (something) Entertainment

and I’m just like

“man, look at me here, trying to be entertained”

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At Killers of the Flower Moon yesterday the Imperative Entertainment ident came up and a guy behind me went “Imperative Entertainment?” out loud


it’s like I’m going into something like with really hifalutin thoughts like “oh man, this film is going to speak to me in some profound way” or like “I want to engage with this or that theme hmm hmm”

and then the film’s just like “this is just a jester prancing around in front of you you pathetic HOG oh yeah hope the time passes you FUCK”

do you know what, I think I definitely had the above thought when that very ident came up

Yeah, me too tbf but I didn’t verbalise it in a silent room

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in my head, I hear it like Stewart Lee saying “arrested? and thrown in jail?”

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Not a fan of the Blackpool Illuminations then?


love a bit of light entertainment, me. bit of fluff, bit of silliness. extremely my shit


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What about the lightest? I’d say Rylan on radio 2