I think I was on the same train as Peter Crouch and weeber last night

I have never met either only seen pictures of them, but I pride myself on recognising people faces.
But why would Crouchy be on a train?

might be banned from driving again

Big night out with ya boi weebs


was there enough room on the train or did peter crouch


has he been banned from driving before?

you should have asked him

@weeber you banned from driving?

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croucho has

not sure about weeber but it wouldn’t surprise me, not one bit


If @weeber an confirms he was on the train last night it will make me more confident in my Crouch spot

It might have been Crouch, but I don’t think it was me (unless it was early morning or lunchtime).

There are an alarming number of people that I get compared to though. You sure it wasn’t Gregg (2 g’s) Wallace? Or Matt Lucas?

Shit, I hope not.

Bring it

No way I was sure it was you, have you got wireless Bose headphones?

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Which train did you see my Bose headphone wearing doppelganger on?

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out of waterloo to Basingstoke. I was so sure, I was thinking about giving you/him a DIS related signal so we wud both know but not have to have a strange conversation about the internet just a wry smile to one another

For your sake I’m glad that you didn’t do that. The only train that I was on yesterday was the London Bridge - Hastings line.

This is like @thewarn claiming he invited jfc again


I have no idea what this means.

I took a sneaky pic of Crouchy, something I wouldn’t normally do but I am not a football man and I wanted evidence of my face spotting prestige