I think if I ran my own company

And stuck my oar in and was controlling around the recruitment process (which would be my dream!!) I would just have my interviewers ask the same first question straight off the bat and that would be

“Do you ever let your phone get so low on battery that it turns off?”

If it’s a yes then, thanks for coming we’ll be in touch!

Thanks for coming, we’ll be in touch!


It seems this thread doesn’t have much mileage so I’m going to divert to

Literally every time I phone my mother she says ‘Just to let you know, I have hardly any battery left so I might drop off’.

  • Your mum needs to get a new phone
  • Your mum doesn’t want to talk to you every single day, wileycat

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I interview people for a job. I might start asking this


Just demand to see their phones there and then - anyone in the red must leave the interview immediately

I suspect all this question will do is identify people by generation/ degrees of old fogeyness. (Rendering it potentially ageist). I was 19 before I had my first mobile phone In 1995 and it was like a brick and you could only make calls- text didn’t come till later and internet much later again- and critically most of my friends didn’t have one because they weren’t yuppy twats likes me, and so it wasn’t how we communicated. It used to last a week per charge because you weren’t using it for apps etc and calls were exorbitant so really you just carried around this massive brick for show/ in case of emergency. It could run out of charge without me noticing. I’ve never really got out of this mindset that mobiles are just fripperies.
Now, because the latest iOS update appears to have given my phone a charge life of approx 6 hours, I don’t get through a day without having to top up my iPhones charge (if I remember/ aren’t feeling cross and contrary and decide to just leave it to its fate.)
So quite often- more days than not I’d say- my phone will be dwindling around 3% and it is a complete lottery of hormones and how cantankerous I’m feeling as to whether you’ll get me to charge it. Sometimes I don’t even know where it is and can’t get my bf to call it for me cos it’s died. Oh my poor neglected phone.
Whereas friends I know who are maybe only 5 years younger than me have a completely different attitude to their phones- they are glued to them, they even have these kind of recharging ports in case god forbid they can’t get to a mains socket to charge, and I can’t imagine they’d ever let their device drop below 20. I can just imagine the sheer panic in their breesties if they thought they’d run out Of charge altogether!!!
Sorry that was a very long lesson in how a cantankerous woman in her 40s’ mind works.
I will try really hard today to not let my phone run out of charge, promise.


I suspect you’re all being generous and/or condescending here :rofl:

How DARE you give up on this thread and sub thread!!

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Hey, I gave it an hour. After an hour zero reply threads are fair game to repurpose imo.


My mum uses her phone is a very different way to me, will lose battery easily and not think to charge it, will send whatsapp stickers and a different good morning graphic daily, and also wallpaper is a photo of herself (this is something that I noticed mums her age all do, it’s quite sweet :laughing:) so I think it may be that! I am very much obsessed with keeping my battery alive as I’m on my phone all the time, even when I’m exercising, so very believable that it is just a things mums around that age do


I think it’s easy to forget that there are still more of us out here who didn’t grow up with phones than those who did.

Now get off my lawn


I’ll happily let my phone dwindle down to single figures if I’m at home/work.

Mumsie though, almost goes into full panic mode if her’s drops below about 35%. She’s also got the great old-person habit of having to INSTANTLY STOP EVERYTHING ELSE to reply to a text.

Tbf I do a lot of video interviews and anyone who needs to pause the interview to charge their phone/tablet/laptop gets marked down.


Fail to prepare is to prepare to fail, as my old manager was VERY fond of saying on an almost daily basis if someone forgot a pen, or hadn’t noticed their password expire or whatever. Stopped saying it after she ran out of petrol on the M4 coming back from some conference though. Heh.


That’s a great point and we really respect all opinions at safaricorp.
We’ll be in touch!


If I ran a company - for the purposes of this post, let’s call it Manches Corp - I would incorporate a rorschach test into the interview process. As follows:

So, interviewee, what do you see when you see this image?


Hmm. Very interesting. How about this one?

Ha! You’d be surprised how many candidates say that. OK, just two more. How about… this one?

Well, I don’t really want to know how you know what that looks like but - yeah, sure. Anyway, here’s the final one now. What do you get from this one?

Well? What do you get from that image? TELL ME


“Isn’t battery life on modern technology designed in a way that it lasts longer for longer If you allow it to completely drain before charging?” I would say, as I moonwalk out of the room, portable power pack in one hand and middle finger on the other. Your attempts to call me to re-consider me for the position would go straight to voicemail. The person you hire instead inevitably doesn’t last a year.


I left a job, but purposefully stayed on an extra day “to help” which had NOTHING to do with them having a delivery of Sharpies that day.





This is me :smiley:

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