I think I'm going to close off a couple of

things in the ticketing system in work (which I never really pay attention to), then leave for lunch before the phone calls come in complaining about the things I’ve closed off, then I’ll hopefully ignore everything until home time.

Could THIS be the banal thread for today?

just had a very strong cup of tea. too strong, in fact. couldn’t finish it.

was it sickening, it can be a bit sickening when that happens.

like, it could put you off tea for a little while

I wouldn’t go that far man, no

Having one of those days where it’s literally impossible to do any work.

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Feel a bit anxious, like I’ve had coffee. Also, feel horny all the time. I hate that word. Horny. What’s a better word?

see below.

good, tea is one of life’s little pleasures.

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That’s not a better word. But it’s at least vaguely comical.


State of heightened sexual arousal


I’ve got to stay til 5.15-ish today as I’ve got a wedding rehearsal to attend at 6 and it’s on the way home (sort of). Hoping that their marquee / pavilion thing hasn’t been waterlogged, as it’s pissing it down here.

The office I’m at today doesn’t have facilities for making your own drink; just vending machines. Contemplating getting myself another creamichoc but they’re so sugary.


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Got my lunch from Eat. as a Friday treat. Their chocolate brownies are so much better than Pret’s. Better sandwich selection too. Wish it was closer.

I’d love to be able to always get tea perfect. Like strong but not stewed.

I’ve achieved fuck all today.

No! You’ve achieved boring the pants off me.


so that’s how we get into your knickers