I think I'm going to close off a couple of

Is frisky an appropriate substitute?
I said frisky instead of horny the other day and it was made fun of.

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My old boss might be at the thing tonight I’m going to.

I think you’re on to something with frisky.


I have just been swimming and now I have red red eyes like something from a demon dimension. Another reason not to go swimming.

Actually, wouldn’t mind getting the ride this weekend. Could do with one now to knock the hangover out of me.

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Actually, that reminds me: what’s the deal with eye drops? You can buy a hundred different types (itchy eyes, bright eyes, infected eyes etc) but I assume they’re all the same? Any eyedrop experts in tha house?

They’re all the same except that they have different ingredients and also packaging and do different things.

Don’t trust this guy, he’s an eye drop dilettante.

Clearly. What with his pathetic attempts to differentiate them based on little or no evidence.