I think I'm paranoid?

i was in a (burrito) restaurant, eating my burrito and watching the world go by out the window. One of the staff was cleaning the counter where they prepare the burritos with some spray. It’s great that the keep the place clean but I don’t fancy eating the food which has inevitably had some spray land on it.

I don’t fancy being on a plane when someone’s phone goes on fire.

The gist of this is to talk and chat (chat is allowed) about these sorts of fears.

That isn’t paranoia

Garbage would have struggled to fit those lyrics into the melody.

i considered making this an ssp thread for this

paranoia’s about thinking people are out to get you right? this is more like anxiety/maybe hypochondria idk

they struggled with that album as it was (and all the others)

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being in other people’s photos/if i see a tv camera on the street grandpasimpson.gif

i have a piece of tape over my webcam as well after i read the head of the FBI does the same

Sorry, i thought you were saying that I was justified in my fears for the lols. I guess it comes from a mistrust of other people to do things properly (which is covered by paranoia, isn’t it?). I think you’re right though, I probably should’ve expanded it to anxiety etc but then I would’nt’ve been able to make use of that excellent garbage lyric.

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am i just stoooooooned