I think it might be Tuesday Morning

I woke up at 4 this morning and haven’t really been able to get back to sleep, so I thought, why not use this opportunity to do something you’ve never done before and start the daily thread?

What are you up to today


Today is my Friday, will have a shitload of deliveries and stuff to do this morning and coast through this afternoon nicely until home time. Chippy for tea later, and probably beers.

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I also was awake at about 4, went back to sleep for a bit but feeling pretty dozy

After a few nice days it’s gone all blowey and autumnal

Morning all.

I’m heading off to A&E after school drop off to get my elbow checked out (it’s swollen, massively, and I can’t move it). Hurrah!

Today is my… Sunday? Mid-week day off.

I’m going to do absolutely nothing all day.

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Finally having a sit down with my new boss, 2 weeks after she started. That’ll be a fun conversation. Apart from that, fighting fires left right and centre and feeling sleepy


Today is my Tuesday. Very tired, and not feeling particularly great about anything.

I knew the word blowey would get this reaction, but I used it anyway cos that’s what it is .

But now I realise the correct spelling is blowy

My terrible leaky old sash window rattled all night in the wind, so that was fun.

Really nothing on today. Might go watch Ant Man & the Wasp again after work, think it’ll be my last chance.

Tired. Got woken up several times in the night because the TV couldn’t sleep then I couldn’t go back to sleep when he woke me up at 5:45.

Two deadlines this morning then getting my nails done and teeth looked at. Might be meeting some pals later as one is leaving the country for a few months because the Home Office are useless.

I’m on childcare duty today but have to wait in for a collection and pick Wor Lass up from the chiropractor this afternoon. We’re going to the library this morning.

I agreed to cover a night class tonight and I’m already regretting that.

Good luck with your arm. Looked quite nasty from that picture yesterday

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Alright, how are ruffers and eric?

Going to the dentist to have two teeth out. Then to the hospital to see my dying father. Full day.

Back at work after over a week off. That’s really,really great and am really looking forward to a great day really great


On my way to work with a head cold. Left later thinking the tube would be less busy. Ahahaha as if!

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Thanks! Feels quite nasty too.

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Morning everyone! Today is my Tuesday, although it’s a little bit like my Friday since I’m WFH tomorrow and Thursday.

I haven’t got masses to do this week, but this is the week they’ve also decided to introduce a thing where you assign your time to different workstreams, so I’ll have to be a bit, erm, creative.

so unfair

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