I think it might be Tuesday Morning

so unfair

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If anyone needs some cheering up, here is a woman eating her breakfast in the courtyard in my block with an actual herd of dogs


thought for a second she was wearing a big green hat there


Tbf japes, your Sunday is his Thursday

this is hurting my head

i need a :coffee:

Too much to do. Bleurgh.

Was up for half the night due to trapped wind. Who gets trapped wind in this day and age?

Fingers crossed that work goes quickly today. Just found out one of my mates might be going to a festival that the Dead C are playing in NZ so I’m going to do my damnedest to convince him to see them.

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I need three more sales to make my ‘first 50 backers’ thing less embarrassing.

Morning, and afternoon to Walberg

Yeah speak to me about that on real Friday.

i’ll put a reminder in my calendar

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Hanging in the UK for a bit, at my dad’s place. He gave me too much wine last night and now we’re all feeling it a bit today. Working from the kitchen table, cat on my lap, NOT BAD.

Do it, it’s my birthday so I’ll be up to my eyes in cafe cake anyway.

going to go for a walk and listen to some talk talk since it was the 30th anniversary of spirit of eden at some point recently (yesterday?). might also listen to laughing stock as well

should probably do some work at some point in the afternoon though. today is my tuesday

internet is down in the office. its chaos.

I’m off work with tonsillitis and I’m so bored

Might just go for a drive in a bit to get a smoothie but that’s about it for the day



I’ve never had tonsillitis

How does it rate as an illness? Like if you tell work you have it then you are having a sick day, no question. But how bad to you feel? I’m assuming not as bad as (real actual) flu but worse than a cold?

Into A&E, seen by a triage nurse, x-rayed, seen by a doctor, and back at home within 1.5 hours. Even as under-funded and over-stretched as it is, the NHS is ruddy marvellous.

(Surprisingly, no broken bones, just extensive soft tissue damage)

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I really want to know what @japes favourite cheese is but I don’t want to go back into the cheese thread.