I think it's Sunday

Can’t sleep so I’ve just whacked flour n that in the bread machine to make cinnamon buns :yum:

Anything in store today? I’m gonna be very lazy, finish my book, drink tea, a board game or two.


Alright knickers.
I’m trying to get back to sleep. I find staring at an intensely bright miniature rectangle very helpful for this.
Might take the kids out for a bike ride in the trailer down the canal later.
Night night

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so stupid aren’t we? oh I can’t sleep so I’ll just brose various things on my phone unt… oh wait now I’m even more awake whoops whataimilike

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I’ve given up trying to get back to sleep for now, been awake since half 3 :weary: obviously there’s fuck all happening on the internet though as everyone else is asleep, and i can’t get up because I’ll wake my boyfriend



God it is Sunday. Another 5am start tomorrow I guess, another block of trying to get F to knuckle down to school work. Quiet death.

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Alright? Work soon :frowning: 4pm finish and Mexican lasagna for tea :slightly_smiling_face:


Sensible baby gave me a lie in until 6:30. Now watching her putting a crayon in and out of its box.


Anglos a Sunday

Quite happy about the downturn in the weather as it means I’ll be able to do my garden-based exercise without interference from my greatest of enemies, the sun.

That’s about it for plans. Not much point trying to do anything as R is always so quick to upset at the moment :frowning:


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Morning all!

I’ve got the heating on.

The Child woke up at 6.30 and poked herself in the eye with her magic wand, so I’m awake.

Dare I?

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Morning all. There was someone really loudly waiting for their dealer (I’m presuming) in the street last night - shouting and swearing down her phone for maybe half an hour. Mates turned up, ushered her away, was quiet for a while and then she was back. Didn’t really want to shop her to the police but it’s a bit annoying, it’s two nights out of three that I’ve been woken up. Might stick a note on the lampposts outside (“please be a bit quieter when waiting for your drugs!”) Idk.


Gonna basically make a chilli then layer it in a dish with cheese sauce and tortilla chips then whack it in the oven and see what happens.


Anyway: I could probably copy and paste today’s Sunday from a previous Sunday thread: gonna make roast beef for lunch, probably pop out for a walk this afternoon, stave off the work dread.

This hangover deserves its own postcode.

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Alright lads. Stayed up too late watching dad films and drinking all my beer. Ummm, bacon sandwich and a walk. Pick up a strimmer and some presents for my daughter’s second birthday.

Such a dad Sunday.

You might want to wash the car at some point too.

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Ok phew that sounds fine

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Need doing tbf.

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