I think it's Thursday evening

good evening assorted DiSers. how’s it goin? any plans?

nice day wasn’t it. worked on some music. went out for a run and later went out for a cheeky extra walk. briefly met @ricardomotorbike who seems a lovely fellow.

think it’s burritos for tea. coupla beers. no plans after about 7:30 pm. sweet.

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Went to the park with my hat and scarf on earlier and had a little nap in the chilly afternoon sun. 10/10 would recommend

Gonna have quiche. I’m drinking the leftover white wine I bought to make gravy on Sunday as I have no beer

Spaghetti al Tonno tonight I think. Feel a bit tired though. Must resist a takeaway.

sounds alright akshually

was trying to think of what i wanted

Having some of those not meat burgers with some wedges for dinner, then film club. Boss is off for a week from today so i got some work done and found out the internet does in fact reach outside the back door, which is exactly where a beer was brought to my attention.

pretty windy out there.

It looked like it probably was a nice day if you were outside but i didn’t go outside

Plans: making soup, watching snakes on a plane, possibly doing some sewing

I don’t feel well and I want to complain

So this is me, complaining. Grumble


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Made a tikka masala for tea but didn’t take any pics ffs.

Had a double espresso cold coffee too. Night crack open a NA beer tonight too. Check out this bad boy haul…


Gonna have some Richmond Sausages for tea @dktrfaustus

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Went for my walk after a bit of a stressy work day (mainly computer irking me with random laggage tbf). Nice day for a walk though I hunger for chili now

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thanks @tilty

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You’re so welcome.

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A great choice.

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Good evening folks. Just been out for a really long walk which made me feel good about myself.

Now I’m back home and coming to terms with the fact my house gets almost no evening sun. I’m currently sat on the bed in the spare room trying to make the most of the last half hour or so even if it hurts my eyes :sun_with_face:

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Giving the Beyond Meat burger my seal of approval.

Wedges look overdone but they were really good. I designed tonight’s meal as an excuse to eat aoili again :sunglasses: