I think it's Tuesday, and I'm really not sure about this but it's probably Evening

I have absolutely no idea anymore tbh

Feelin’ sad. How’s everybody holding up, what’s for tea etc

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Had a brief evening meeting

Sausages for tea again, more This Country and some beers I think.


gonna drink some beers tonight.


Glad its april tomorrow, I’m going to start microsheduling my time to maximise productivity, got a plan set out that means I’ll have my book finished and a good chunk of weight loss. Gonna take backyard running seriously


That makes two of us!

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Solidarity sister! I’m now down 24 pounds since Jan 1st!


Evening/afternoon. Done nothing all day but listen to records, probably 10ish today so far. Up next The Byrds ‘Sweetheart of the Rodeo’.

Going to crack some beers now.


Forgot how sad this episode is :broken_heart:

“A couple of years ago, I had a job. Long-haul lorry driving for Hawkins’ Bazaar. And one day, I was coming back from Dover late at night with a lorry load of puppets. And this little dog darted in front of me. No collar, no nothing. I swerved to avoid him, but, well, I hit him head on. I stopped the cab, got down, and its legs were mangled like a drawer full of phone chargers. I picked him up, cradled his head as he was dying, And I looked into his big, brown eyes. And I felt absolutely nothing. And you know why? Because I’ve got no empathy. Zilch. Zero, nil points, nothing.”

bleak man.

There’s no wine or beer left in the house. I’m contemplating the limoncello…

Someone criticised my ability to chair a Teams meeting so I’m obviously taking that to heart and not absorbing anything positive anyone has said

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People criticise others when they feel insecure. Rise above CCB xx


First miserable day tbh. Work was busy and rubbish and I’m super tired and due on.

So hopping in here :wave:t2:


I’m not* for the first night in, well, I can’t remember, which isn’t great

*i may have a non alcoholic beer though

Is that a carafe? So classy.

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attempted to apply for a job today, ended up watching video game speed runs instead


My work’s chalked me up for eight (8) hrs work for the next month. Didn’t let me know, didn’t send any advice or what their position is. Might just quit.

It is! Bought it for my bf as a joke gift cause he liked when we were in Italy, the wine came in a mini carafe even though it was only a glass or 2 in it. Now we use it all the time :joy: it was about £2!



Hoping to join @whiterussian’s film club tonight if R falls asleep on time, which is currently looking doubtful :frowning:

Still having a rubbish time at home, just can’t get a proper mental break to get back to functioning properly. Might try go for a proper walk tomorrow but I don’t know if it’ll help me relax because I’ll be too worried about waking near people.