I think it's Tuesday, and I'm really not sure about this but it's probably Evening


Big Bastard Bath
Bath Book Bed


Having beers and burgies for tea. Watching eXistenZ. Gonna have some zoom beers with the lads later. #tuesday

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saw that come up on the old mubi app
jude law tho

Think I’m pretty much unaffected by lockdown, not a good thing just a reflection of my baseline misery

Quite terrible but more than made up for by JJL <3

I did it again, I forgot to get garlic.

I need a garlic subscription or something.

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Have had my first kindof bad day really - have just felt very frustrated all day.
About to watch Primer with the virtual gang

Have some popcorn and wine :+1:

Also is killing eve actually any good? TV buffs only pls.

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About to eat some pasta, getting excited for film club night!

I liked it. You can decide from that what you want.

I saw a guy leave his house, go to his BMW and get a banana and a half a dozen box of eggs out of his glovebox. I thought ‘how unusual’

The days are flying by.


First series is - haven’t watched the second series, not sure why!

Thats tonight!

cancels other plans


the 20 beers I ordered the other day turned up earlier THANK GOD. might have a night off though?

him indoors needs to watch 6 episodes of curb tonight before our nowtv sub ends tomorrow, so I guess I’ll just… err… dunno?

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Next door’s cat just absolutely did us by bounding towards us when we called his name then slinking through the gap between us with nary a backwards glance.

The cunt.


Watched Frozen 2 again, still consider it fucking awesome.

Absolute shithouse day of dealing with idiot higher ups in my place. €100k a year to not do any fucking work, €60k a year to be unable to answer a fucking email. I will be WFH tomorrow so I don’t shout at anyone. Fuck being an essential worker.

Having some stir-fry now, will play ‘Skyrim’ later and will go to bed early.

Also feeling sad. Wondering if there’s legs in a “How are your hands?” Thread inc. pics.

Had Kiev, wedges, peas and sweetcorn for tea and got some beers in. May watch a film on Netflix now my internet seems to be sorted.

:heart: :heart: :heart:


Jack White’s back


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