I think I've fallen in love with Annie



It’s a disappointing scenario.


I thought you meant this Annie:


That would have been far more disappointing.




wonder what chris_is_cool is up to these days?


I had a dream where I talked to Annie Clark about the weather. I told a friend about it and she thought it was adorable how crushingly mundane my celebrity crush fantasy dream turned out be, given the limitless possibilities of the human mind.

The next bit of the dream involved me running around in circles pissing with gay abandon, if I remember correctly. Not sure what that means.


fuck you for doing this


I was gonna reply with ‘alright Jeff Mangum’ realised it doesn’t really work, then decided to post this anyway


I watched the musical over Christmas and enjoyed it quite a bit.


new (black) version or old (white) version?


The old version.


Have you seen the video of her football skills? :heart: :heart:


fucking hands in the pockets, swoooooooooooon


Still such a jam.


alright Larrikin Love



True story:

Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal was written after he did BLS training, hence Annie are you ok?


I was actually listening to that track a couple of weeks ago, still like it :+1::grinning:


Annie’s face is modelled on that of a woman who drowned! When I found that out I couldn’t even look at these things anymore.