I think liking a post should take more effort


Maybe give people a max of 5 likes a day.

I want to feel really special when someone likes my posts!


…I just want to feel special.


Is this a Radiohead joke


I don’t do jokes.


except for that one time I said thewarn looks like chris de burgh, that was mean and I regret it but I was partially joking.

sorry thewarn


I do not agree with this at all!! Even though I’m a bit excessive with my likes every single one is meant!! I have a lot of :heart: to give! :wink:


see I liked this because it’s a lovely sentiment but it really took no effort on my part.




let people like other people’s likes, it’ll be like a little orgy of hearts


I believe you!



:heart: :heart_decoration::heavy_heart_exclamation::heart_decoration: :heart:


end up feeling like this like obligation creeps in though, you don’t have to like this post I’m not waiting for it don’t worry.


you can have a like anyway.

Oh this is too “meta” it’s like when you think about breathing and it fucks you up for a while.


Wasn’t going to :stuck_out_tongue:


thanks for breaking the cycle (not sarcasm)


I’m with witches


Just try to get a like from marckee


Goodness, no. There was a stats thread a little while back that demonstrated that most of the miserable so and sos on here are extremely parsimonious with their likes. Should force people to like at least five posts a day instead.


feels like I’m drowning in likes.

Guess I need to check my privilege, sorry.


You’re a deservedly popular poster, Bam.


ah thanks, I wasn’t fishing though!