I think my office is doing the Mannequin Challenge today


You don’t have to be ker-azy to work here, but it helps!


So very bored of them now. Macca’s one sent me over the edge.


pawshake…now this. man, this world. ugggggggggh

would much rather be a fucking ibex than partake in any more of this nonsense


As I said in the Saturday thread, I managed to get caught up in one of these by accident in Tesco. Apparently going to be on Children with Need on Friday :frowning:


when the fuck did all this mannequin challenge start?


I know I’m a relentless joy vacuum who takes very little pleasure from anything in the world… But this kind of thing can absolutely fuck off.


About a week ago. But I think people are already over it.


what’s it for?


I know a lot of them a bit silly, but this one isn’t, and is really worth watching.

(needs sound)


I’ve seen a fair few, and some of them are really smart and quite funny and entertaining for all of five minutes. But it does get old pretty fast.




Apparently we need to make a short video to be shown as part of a load of videos as a tech recruitment event the company will be at. Someone* thought it would be more fun to make / show than just the CEO describing the company or something.

*Alright, I suggested it, but only as a joke, I didn’t think the powers would be would think it was a great idea.


Come on, let’s have an amnesty.


  • Harlem Shake
  • Ice Bucket Challenge
  • That One With The Downing Of Drinks (neknomination?)
  • Other (please reply and specify)
  • None

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I want off the planet


haha, no what did it originally start for, is it a raising awareness thing/charity thing etc?


Me, you and @bird should set up a colony on Mars where we just sit around complaining about things.


Oh, I dunno, I think it was just a thing some teenagers did and it caught on.


can’t fucking stand Mars, man


More of a Snickers fan?


what is it.