I think the time I listened to Loveless while out of my bin on pills at dawn on New Year’s Day a few years back is the opposite of this experience and is one hundred times better than what’s promised here

It’s making me actualol every time I fucking look at it

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Bet you can almost hear Bruce finishing that sentence off too :grin:

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I would honestly seriously consider going to the Loveless or the Purple Rain ones if I lived in London. If someone said to me “do you wanna go listen to Loveless on the highest quality audio setup available to you (outside of a professional studio) for less than a tenner” I would be like hell yeah why not. Listening to your favourite album in an audio treated room on a very high quality system is simply not feasible for most people.

As a side note, it would be good if they did it using albums released in true 5.1 surround sound, such as Remain in Light and Rumours, rather than upscaling the audio from stereo as they describe in their FAQ


Really tempted to get a work from kent day to get my travel paid for this.

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Yeah honestly the price is steep but its not at all a terrible idea. Would say £5 max. Unless you live locally by the time you consider transport and all that buzz its just a little ott

Which pressing are they gonna be playing tough m4s?

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I went to an Amnesiac listening event put on by this pitch black playback group. It was nerdy and fun and makes you hear de drums und de bass in a totally different way. Expensive but so is the cinema and it’s the same thing, paying for the showy sensory focus event

128kbps mp3s pulled from limewire in 2004.


I’d just be annoyed that they’re playing it too loud, i’m very neurotic about having something at the perfect volume.


Is there any more detailed info on this? All i see is listings.

This juxtaposition really worked for me

Feels like this is aimed at that particular group of people (men):

  • Listen to albums in the dark with NO DISTRACTIONS
  • Turn up early to venues to support REAL MUSIC by watching the support act - DOWN WITH SET TIMES
  • Everyone put your phones in the centre of the table, lads, and we’ll all have a REAL CONVERSATION

Unless Kevin shields himself has done the upmix they can F right off.

Also funny how they use autechre as if it’s the name of a person to quote :confused:

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I’ll pencil you in for NYE!

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128kbs? Thats luxury!

That’s why its pricey - those extra kbps aren’t free mate.
Just be thankful it’s not 320kbps!

FFS, I didn’t see the change in title until this morning!

Yeah, it’s incredible! Absolutely one of my favourite albums of all time. (Hmm, I haven’t listened to it in ages now…)

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