I think there might be a mouse in the flat

I went into the kitchen last night (around midnight) for a glass of water. When I switched the light on, I saw something jump off the clothes horse (I dry my clothes in there) and run behind the washing machine.

It all happened very quickly, and my eyes were still adjusting to the light, but I think it was a mouse, it seemed the right size. When it jumped off the clothes horse I thought it was a bat or something, but then it ran across the floor.

Anyway, not really sure what my next move is on this one.

Alright UB40


A mouse in the hou… flat

just put a classic trap down

We need more information.

Where is the mouse?
Does it have clogs on?

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Gain its confidence, establish its motives, etc and try to buy yourself some breathing space.




Then I’ll have to deal with a dead mouse. I’d rather just convince it to vacate the premises.

Ok - better brush up on your rodent negotiating skills then

Not going to happen. Mice will come back if you dump them outside. Either make peace with cohabiting with a mouse or kill the fucker.


Is it a 3-tiered minky?

The thing is, I found a snake in the flat a few months ago, and the SSPCA* had to come and take it away. It would actually be useful at this time, maybe they could bring it back.

It’s getting to the point where I’m constantly nervous to open any cupboards or drawers in case some animal has taken up residence there.

*Like the RSPCA, but more Scottish.

It has three tiers (it’s an emotional day, etc), but not a Minky.

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That’s annoying.

This is brilliant

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I mean, you can try and capture it in a humane trap and take it really far away (like, drive it somewhere) and it might not come back, but considering one got in, there are doubtless more to come even if you catch that one.

can you borrow a cat


You’re piling on the bad news here, you know.


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Maybe. My brother has cat - I don’t like it and it doesn’t like me, but this could be the thing to bond us.