I think this is the most joyful piece of music ever recorded...

HGATR: 5/5


This is a bit bonkers and not at all relaxing but full of mad joy

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Some more Toots. This cover of Country Roads can’t fail to cheer me up. Joyful is the word:

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Obvious but oh so necessary :slight_smile:

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Not sure choruses come more joyus

it’s this

I’d go for this myself;


this song is like a hug

All about those handclaps

yeh it’s always gonna be this for me

I was playing it the other week when I was making tea for my sis and nieces, and my little 2 year old niece was kind of bobbing her head to it, and my sis was liking it too, and it was just so pure.

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always thought this was the shortest, sweetest thing

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I find a lot of spiritual stuff really joyful, especially:

and this too

and some alice coltrane stuff e.g. what @dots posted and that world spirituality classics record from a couple of years ago

also agree with @colon_closed_bracket obv, Up with People makes me really happy


gotta bring these boys into the chat too

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Hell yeah.