I think too linearly

Say if I’m at the freezer and someone asks me to get them an ice cream, I’ll open the ice cream box, get an ice cream, then walk over to them with the ice cream box and the ice cream, meaning I have to then take a trip back to put the box back in the freezer instead of putting it back whilst I was there. Like just hardwired to do things with no forethought, directly and inefficiently.

  • I’m like this
  • I’m efficient and logical

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This applies to all tasks in my life not just involving ice cream

Can you give a non-ice cream example please? I think @AQOS runs the game on Ice Cream Threads these days.

I can’t think of any.

Not to worry.

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I’m kind of a little from column A and a little from column B

Like I’m really proud when I’m like “OH SHIT I HAVE A QUICK METHOD” but there’s people who like sort that shit out for EVERYTHING and I’m like “woah man, can’t just let down my ole pal instink like tha”


Anthony, please fuck off

I do this too and it’s terrible at work and I feel thick all day long

I’m efficient and logical but I also self sabotage by getting distracted mid manoeuvre

Think it’s mainly just taking more than one trip for something that can be done in one tbh. Feels like it’s easier.

Goodness me!


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Always do this when making food like get things from the fridge then put em back one at a time. Makes me laugh tbh.

Perfect example




I’m like this and it’s quite bad for working in retail, which I am terrible at.

Sometimes I’m like a well oiled machine. A symphony of mind and body engaged in a ballet of elegant efficiency.

Most days I get half way to the bus stop and realise I’m holding my coffee mug not my house keys