I think we can all agree

I mostly drink guinness cans tbh which would be absurd out of a small can. Even the little niche stouts. ABSURD.


This is the GOAT


Do you know Ruffers that this whole thread came about because I looked at the 500ml Guinness cans in my fridge and thought ‘if that can was 330ml I’d have one right now’.

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actually prefer 250ml for a can of coke these days.

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big fan of glass bottles but if i’m getting something for drinking at home they’re too expensive compared to just getting a 2L bottle. plus my preferred cola based drink is Pepsi Max, and finding glass bottles of them is near impossible.

over recently weeks i’ve been having a glass of pepsi max (in a coke glass, of course) with a metal straw as a treat with my lunch. that’s pretty good.


Think I might be done with fizzy drinks now that Ocado don’t do the Waitrose sugar free ginger beer any more. Finally getting really, really close to eliminating all traces of joy from my life.

I know how much this must mean to you.


It makes me so hap… FUCK


To be known henceforth as the @epimer paradox


A 330ml tin of coca cola out of the fridge is perfect.
Don’t like the new cans though. Pure shite.
I don’t mind the 330ml cans for beer but for Guinness anything less than a large can/pint is an abomination.

Coke - 250 ml
Other soft drinks - 330ml
Beer - 440ml

Final offer.

I was at a brewery years ago when the guy doing the tour showed us their new product: 330ml cans of beer. Everyone scoffed. “You’ll all be drinking these one day!” he proudly declared. I thought he was mad. It’s like regular cans but…you get less? Who wants that?

And yet here we are. What has become of us.

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Have got quite into having a stash of the mini cans of coke - so if I need a pick me up or a quick drink I can have it without chucking half a can away

i like a little 330ml beer in the house, would seem ridiculous drinking one in the pub though