I think we can still stop Brexit

Just need to pull an all-nighter and hit the legal textbooks hard. Get a pot of coffee on, maybe order in Chinese food to be eaten out of boxes. Pace around a bit.




Hit on a idea, then abandon it once you’ve given it a second’s more thought and realised how stupid it is.

“What if- nah, actually, that won’t work.”

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Reckon there’s got to be some arcane Parliamentary process we can dig up to help us out, force some more votes on something or other.

#fbpe :spider: :large_orange_diamond:

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Good idea!

Dumps about 19 very thick old books on the table in front of guntrip

I’ll start with the [checks notes] Dogs Act 1871, see where that goes.


What worries me most right is that by the end of this year we’ll have been living under EU rules and then just have to stop and there’ll be approximately zero ideas what we’ll be doing since any trade deal we hope to do with anyone will take fucking forever, there’ll probably just be an extra lay by for trucks.

Ah god I need a break, I can’t even think straight anymore.

I’m nipping out for five. Anyone want anything from Nero?

And the dogging, don’t forget the rampant dogging.


we’re sick of getting fucked by bureaucrats

Nero? Emperor of Rome… Treaty of Rome… ma0sm you GENIUS!

kisses ma0sm, runs to bookshelf


If corbyn finally gets on with it we might have a chance

I’m starting a new twitter account to get a new referendum on rejoining the EU. Going to call it Brreentery

Whose with me?


We could say to Boris Johnson ‘I think brexit is great and we should do it, do you agree?’, and when he says yes, simply reveal that we’re playing opposites this lunch hour, so that means he hates it and we shouldn’t do it! And also that it’s binding and no comebacks


Sounds like you’re gonna need a montage


Tonight should be a free-fire idea zone. Watch a DVD, eat some pizza, fuck each other. I’m serious. Fuck a chicken if that’s what it takes. Watch a chicken fucking a horse. What? You think the guys who invented Google sat around watching Trumpton?



I never thought it would actually come to this but… It’s time for the queen to wear the broach that will stop Brexit.

And then die so we can get those sweet sweet bank holidays.


Had forgotten about it. That’s how over it is.

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